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BOFA Founder and Managing Director Andy Baines appears on leadership podcast with Lord Blunkett

BOFA’s Founder and Managing Director, Andy Baines, has been interviewed as part of a prestigious podcast series by The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to talk about leadership.

The podcast, hosted by Matthew O’Neill, features interviews with leaders of several British and Northern Irish businesses, as well as contributions from Lord David Blunkett, the Chairman of The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

During the ten-minute conversation, Matthew asked Andy leadership questions such as what it takes to be a good leader, as well as which leaders Andy has found influential in shaping the way he approaches leading a company. Andy discusses the importance of trusting your employees, and how his leadership style is influenced by a Headteacher he worked with as a young teacher in Kenya. 

Talking about his appearance on The Leaders Council podcast, Andy said, "It was a pleasure talking to Matthew, particularly as it was just before the school closures were announced - how life has changed since then... I think I would have mentioned Rudyard Kipling's poem 'If' had I known how things would pan out. I think it's really relevant in the current situation."

Lord Blunkett said of the podcast, "I think the most informative element of each episode is the first part, where Matthew O’Neill is able to sit down with someone who really gets how their industry works and knows how to make their organisation tick. Someone who’s there day in day out working hard and inspiring others. That’s what leadership is all about."

You can listen to Andy's episode of The Leaders Council podcast here:

For more information on The Leaders Council visit:

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