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    • Choose the number of pupils using the first slider.
      If you require more active pupils, register as a tutoring centre or school.
    • Choose your subscription length with the second slider.
    • If you choose a monthly recurring subscription, your subscription will continue until your chosen end date, and payment taken on the same date each month.
    • When a subscription expires, all pupils become inactive, but test data is not lost. A new subscription can be used to reactivate pupils.

Trusted by parents, schools and tutors

"BOFA helps our teachers assess the level pupils are working at. You can link the pupil accounts to their teacher so we know how frequently they are doing the tests."

Newland House School

"Whoever invented this site is a geniues. My worst subject is now my best!"

Amy, BOFA Pupil

"We've found the site very beneficial. I will be using it for my son again next year."

Jo, BOFA Parent

What's included in a subscription?

All BOFA KS2 subscriptions include the following:

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