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When will the Adaptive Tests move my child up or down levels?

Our BOFA Adaptive tests have 5 levels for Maths and English (1 star to 5 star, with 1 being the easiest level) and 3 levels for Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning (2 star to 4 star). We use your child's date of birth, exam date and current ability level to determine their start level. If your child is significantly above or below the average ability level for their year group you can define that in their settings before they start the adaprive tests. Please note this cannot be amended once they have started the tests, the system will adjust their levels as appropriate from there onwards.

If the starting level for any particular subject is wildly off the system will recognise this and the next test assigned will be at a higher or lower level as appropriate. After this point the AI algorithm will monitor your child's performance and move them up or down levels at the appropriate time to ensure they are always working at the correct level. Any movement up or down levels is on a subject by subject, test by test basis.

The criteria for moving levels is three consecutive initial test scores (in a subject) over 87% to move up a level or lower than 65% to move down a level.