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Strategy For Doing The Tests

There are 3 stages to each test within the BOFA platform.

Test → Practice Stage → Retest

The best way to go about doing the tests is to complete the Initial Test, then to use the Practice Stage as revision for those topics that you don't understand (you will only see questions on topics that you got wrong the first time), and then to wait about a week and complete the Retest.

The reason we recommend that you wait about a week before completing the retest is to solidify the learning in the long-term memory, as this will secure the knowledge and make it more likely that the pupil will remember the topic for the exam.

The long tests are 50 minutes long, but they can be paused if you don't have a 50 minute time slot so that you can return to them at a later time. (N.B. The Pre-tests cannot be paused, only 11+ site tests can be paused.)

Before completing the practice stage, pupils should take a break. This is so that they don't become restless. During the practice stage, it might be a good idea for the pupil to take notes. Often, if the pupil has a tutor, they will go through this stage together, as it is okay to complete this stage with assisstance; it does not impact the final mark.

The practice questions and retest questions are different to the initial questions. Unless a pupil retakes a test, they will never do the same question twice.