Planet BOFA tests, teaches and retests then tracks student progress, personalising each step, boosting learning with a laser-focus on weaker areas.

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KS2 Numeracy Formative Learning


Identify individual numeracy learning needs using Test-Practice-Retest to delivery deeper understanding.

Introducing a three stage learning process, unique to every pupil:

I’d like to acquaint you with our Test Practice Retest method and show you how easy it is to deliver formative learning.

BOFA is a unique three stage online formative learning platform which:



  1. Tests. (KS2 Reasoning & Arithmetic, Spelling tests/homeworks. Every question comes as a triplet).
  2. Teaches. The initial test is marked instantly, followed by differentiated explanations and practice.
  3. Retests. The next week, (to encourage long term memory retention and allow TA intervention), a retest creates detailed subject reports to identify learning needs and let you know how much improvement each pupil has made.

"An unbeatable learning tool."


All the time marking, tracking and reporting on detailed learning needs is done for you, freeing up teacher time.

Most schools use the tests as homework, starting with the retest questions from last week, then the next initial test, and finally the practice stage (pupils with learning support usually do the practice stage in their SEN sessions).

The time BOFA save teachers is what initially makes BOFA so appealing. The improvement in pupil knowledge helps everybody, if you are not satisfied by Easter we will give you a full refund. 




Teacher's Overview

The teacher’s overview screen is exportable in Excel and shows each learning point in the curriculum by pupil, or by teaching group. This allows the teacher to organise pupils by learning need.  



Managing Pupils

Managing whole class/school NC descriptor knowledge is automated.



“We have hopefully also emailed your literacy co-ordinator, if not please let us know! Our brilliant customer support team are on call for you.”


You’ll be in good company. Our retention rate for schools is 98% over 10 years. We have over 130,000 users, with 55 million questions done and counting…



The more classes, the lower the pupil cost:
One class is £200. Additional classes £50 per class per annum.


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