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Schools - Adding a Tutor

How to set up a teacher with a Tutor account

To give teachers access to BOFA so they can view pupil progress you must set them up with a Tutor account. To do this go to the Manage tutors page and select ‘Add a new tutor’. Fill out the form, each tutor will need their own unique login, usually their email address. At the bottom of the form are 2 tick box options, we recommend that you tick the first box but not the second.

Ticking the first box gives teachers the same access rights as the School account in order to manage pupils and groups etc. but does not allow the teacher to manage the subscription. If you do not tick this box, the teacher will only have access to download the system generated subject reports and will not be able to look at individual pupil tests and reports.

The second box sets whether the Tutor will receive a confirmation email after each pupil completes a test. In a large school this could create a large number of emails, so you may choose not to tick this box.