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Making a Pupil Active

In order for your child to access the tests you must first register yourself, create a parent account and take out a subscription.
Once you have done this, the next step is to set up a pupil account for them.
You should then activate your pupil from the Manage pupils page.
Click the tick box to the left hand side of the pupil’s name.
Where it says ‘With selected pupils’, select ‘Assign to a subscription’.

Your child is now ready to log into their account and begin to take the tests from the My Tests page. We recommend that you go through the demo tests with your child so that you both familiarise yourselves with the Planet BOFA three stage process. Once you have completed the demo tests your child is ready to take their first test. First they select which Level they want to work at e.g. Keystage 3&4 for a Year 4 pupil. They then select the subject, scroll down the page and start the first test.