Planet BOFA tests, teaches and retests then tracks student progress, personalising each step, boosting learning with a laser-focus on weaker areas.

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What is BOFAclassroom?

BOFAclassroom is a safe remote-learning tool designed to enable teaching outside of the classroom.

Built with schools and educators in mind BOFAclassroom is 100% GDPR and safeguarding compliant meaning teaching can continue safe in the knowledge that both pupils and teachers are protected.
Information is stored securely and all teaching sessions and messages are recorded and saved for the protection of staff and students.

More than just a conferencing tool BOFAclassroom allows you to prepare lessons online, upload powerpoints and videos, draw and annotate on the whiteboard tool, and ask questions via the polling tool. Lessons can be pre-recorded and scheduled onto pupil's timetables, or started live to teach in real-time. Lessons can also be recorded for pupils to revisit later.

Teachers can set homework for completion after the lesson, completed homework will appear in the teacher's pigeon hole. Results and reports can be viewed from the markbook, and feedback sent to the pupil via their virtual school bag