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Planet BOFA's bespoke online teaching provides outstanding KS2 support for teachers and pupils

Proud to be different, Planet BOFA tests, teaches, retests and tracks student progress; personalising the process with formative learning that accelerates success.

1 A unique online learning platform

BOFA is a unique online learning platform, where every question comes as a triplet. Initially a summative assessment, followed by differentiated explanations and practice, then a formative assessment, creates detailed subject reports to compare learning needs across existing and historical cohorts.

2 Our three stage process is unique to every child

In their Initial Test, pupils answer questions designed to test their current knowledge across a range of topics at a specific level. This is marked instantly, informing both you and the pupil, and their parent if you wish, the current knowledge in a summative assessment.

The pupil then moves onto a practice and explanation stage, where the pupil receives bespoke explanations and teaching identified in the initial test. A similar practice question is supplied to aid learning. This comes with further explanation and teaching if necessary.

After about a week, so that the pupil is not just testing their short-term memory, they move on to the Retest, which contains the final question in the triplet. The errors at this stage are placed into the pupil reports.

3 Individual and group reports

BOFA then emails the teacher (and potentially the parent too) to let them know how much improvement the child has made. The Report is then generated on the individual pupil's tests page. This report includes the questions that they answered incorrectly during the retest, with corresponding answers and explanations sorted by topic. Teachers can export a spreadsheet detailing learning needs, by topic, across their entire cohort.

4 Resources for class and individual learning

The KS2 English Reading resources supply 65 pre-prepared class, homework and teaching assistant resources. You can display the extract on the board and have a classroom discussion about the text. Our wide range of extracts will keep pupils interested. The exercises are done online, either in class or for homework. The practice and explanations can be done independently, or for those pupils with learning support in one-to-one time. The following week, pupils do a new extract and the similar retest questions from the previous extract. This allows complete differentiation.

KS2 Maths is often used by teachers to help check up on knowledge and mop up areas for improvement. Once you have finished the learning at each specific level, pupils take the initial summative tests, assessing retained knowledge, we then teach the weaker areas following by formative retest.

Due to the nature of BOFA, if pupils miss a lesson they can easily catch up missed work in the same way that the KS2 English Spelling tests can be done at any time rather than as a whole class task.


5 Attention to detail

Planet BOFA saves pupils time, by only teaching topics that pupils need to learn; pupils enjoy the independent learning with regular praise. Teachers relish the time saved marking and preparing lessons and can use their valuable time only teaching pupils topics they do not understand.

This is what makes BOFA so special, the attention to detail that allows us to nurture the potential in every child.

Someday, everyone will learn the BOFA way!

6 Curriculum and Syllabus

Our platform is led by the new Key Stage 2 syllabus and new KS2 assessment structure across mathematics and English. Planet BOFA materials are differentiated to suit pupil ability. And our variable fonts cater for all visual learning abilities.

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The unique benefits of using Planet BOFA

  • Access to an efficient, unbeatable learning tool that propels pupils to KS2 success (created by two-million-plus-selling Bond Assessment author Andrew Baines).
  • You’ll be in good company. Our retention rate for schools is 98%. We have over 60,000 users on the database, with 4 million tests done and counting…
  • Marking is instant and automatic. Each incorrect answer comes not only with a clear explanation, but with a follow on practice question, and subsequent bespoke retest question.
  • The teacher’s overview screen is exportable in Excel and shows each learning point in the curriculum by pupil, or by teaching group. This allows the teacher to organise pupils by learning need.
  • Planet BOFA is flexible. It can be used solely in the classroom or just for homework, or in combination. The test timer can also be hidden.
  • Discover motivated pupils who are keen to learn. We know students enjoy the autonomy and independence of learning they experience on our platform.
  • Our brilliant customer support team are on call to troubleshoot. Reach us on 0800 9553 011, or email us with the best time and number to call you on.


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