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The Get-Started Guide

We’re here to save you time and facilitate independent learning.

What happens when you use the BOFA Quick Start Tool?

1. Register an account using your email address.

2. Watch our short video explaining the formative learning platform.

3. Try out a demo test to experience the learning process.

4. View the reports for the demo tests you took.

5. Take out a subscription with us (or do this at a later date)!

6. Go full circle and return to the Get Started Guide, or just get learning…

Try our demos now!  

This is how parents, guardians and children are using our cutting-edge learning system.


1. With your children log on to:
- Complete a short demo test across English or Maths
- Get a taste of all the stages of the Planet BOFA platform

2. Automatic marking returns:
- Simple explanations paired with any incorrect answers
- Tailored practice questions around these weaker areas, which the children complete

3. Children now take the bespoke ‘retest’ in the same subject:
- It has a laser focus on the areas already identified for development

4. Here is the instant report, presenting:
- Questions they didn’t get right, with answers and explanations, organised into topics


The first full-length test. Children complete the initial part alone. The ensuing practice questions are done afterwards, alongside a parent.


1. Parents or guardians and children go through the tailored practice questions that have been produced from the full-length test.

2. They also go over the initial questions from that test that were answered incorrectly.


1. The retest from Session 2 (thereby finishing that test cycle).

2. A new full-length test, probably in a new subject.


The ensuing practice questions are done with a parent/guardian or alone, depending on the individual needs. This is where the tailored-practice-plus-bespoke retest cycle begins again.



As children become more confident working on Planet BOFA, it won’t be necessary to supervise each and every round of practice questions. Children enjoy the autonomy this unique learning platform brings.

Reports are automatically emailed when each retest is complete. Their arrival signals the end of each individual test cycle and contains the score, plus time spent. The Report contains a list of topics that still need further work (appearing as questions they got wrong, along with the answers). The report is a brilliant additional resource for parents. (Report data can be exported from Planet BOFA at any time.)

Children are always keen to do Planet BOFA ‘homework’ because it’s fun. Encourage them to wait 2-7 days before beginning the retest, so that they’re demonstrating learning rather than short-term memory power.

Below are some useful video tutorials to help you get started.